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Why is unemployment rate higher amoung the 15-19years and what can be done to improve this situation

The number of unemployed persons in the United States and the national unemployment rate are produced from data collected in the Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly survey of over 60,000 households.

The link to the Labor Department web page, that tells exactly how tey calculate the unemployment rate, is posted below.|||If you took a look, you would discover the Republican Party is a party of small businesses. You would also discover the Democratic Party is the party of Big Business.

The need to continue the high school education is one of the largest reasons for unemployment, or more precisely, underemployment. Many young adults of this age group also lack skills, so their first employer is committing to train them in the basics.

I think it%26#039;s low because that age group typically doesn%26#039;t need to work to survive so most of them choose to be unemployed.

Is the unemployment rate dropping because people find jobs or because unemployed people leave the co

It%26#039;s because companies hire people from other countries. Microsoft and IBM hire engineers form India.|||R is dead wrong. The unemployment rate is simply the number of people actively looking for work divided by the total labor force (people working or actively looking for work). My source is the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to which I%26#039;ve linked to below. The method used is described here and is a combination of household surveys and business surveys.

The rate has gone down over the last 4 years because almost 7 million people have found work. The rate has gone up slightly lately because more people are entering or re-entering the labor force even though many people are finding work.|||Most of the unemployed are that way by choice. They either collect unemployment compensation or they%26#039;re already getting welfare or Social Security payments. The government can%26#039;t seem to get rid of all the food stamps every year.

Since the population of the US is steadily increasing, it can%26#039;t be that people are leaving the US for jobs overseas. The number of new jobs created in the last few years is almost 10 million. We%26#039;ve lost a few million factory jobs due to more efficient machinery. It%26#039;s a trade for a better economy that helps everyone and creates many times more new jobs.|||Unemployed people usually end up going to college or they start their own business in order to bring income.|||The US economy creates and destroys around 4 million jobs each and every quarter. The US economy is quite dynamic. Most states only keep track of those who have filed for unemployment benefits up until those benefits run out–then those people are no longer counted into any sort of statistic but not always. Plus, there%26#039;s several categories that payday loans no checking account Benton TN the US dept. of Labor keeps track of so while the rate might be high in one area, like non-farm for example, it might be very low in another–so it really depends on which statistic you want to use.

IE: people leave jobs, change jobs and start new jobs at to great a rate, to ever be accuractly measured

So it comes down to which statistic you want to use–if there were no new jobs being created at all the rate would be very low just from people dying and moving out of the country. If there were mass layoffs in manufacturing the rate will go up but maybe there%26#039;s a boom in another industry like high tech jobs? For example right now my state, Michigan, is doing very poorly due to the ailing US auto industry. Move to another state and they are begging for workers.

Sorry that it doesn%26#039;t fit with your agenda|||The fake figure the government puts out to make any administration look good. The present government isn%26#039;t made up of just Republicans!! Although the finger pointers would love you to think that. The facts and figures published by the federals, are put together in many offices, consisting of republicans, Democrats, independents, pagans, smurfs, leprechauns, chupacabra, aliens, and Presbyterians. |||Well first, the number of people collecting unemployment benefits, is not used to calculate the national unemployment rate.

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