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This short article discuss brand new inside-depth system of enneagram subtypes

Enneagram subtypes emerge from enneagram lifestyle to compliment the fresh new comprehension of personality variety of in order that one has a far greater understanding of yourself providing him within the best a far greater lifestyle.


Enneagram are a system off typology which refers to the newest character regarding the person while the a good amount of interrelated identification types of.

It has gained popularity in the spiritual and you may team website name but it is not generally acknowledged in evidence-centered psychology since it does not have empirical research.

Enneagram personality principle:

Enneagram identity is defined with the aid of the brand new enneagram construction. It consists of a circle with nine distinct personalities.

In the best function, enneagram means nine distinct identity sizes and it expands cutting-edge whenever these 9 personalities produce 27 different identification subtypes.

Enneagram characters is clustered from inside the 3 times step three arrangement giving go up to three locations. These around three facilities is actually instinctive, effect, and you may thinking.

New plan from personality so you’re able to their center is not random rather this is the mental response to the increased loss of experience of the new key worry about.

It emotional response is largely involuntary and you can effective. It needs to be indexed the ideas off around three locations are common amongst every personalities form of but the personalities away from a middle are influenced by you to feeling.

According to experts from inside the enneagram institute, some one are able to find part of by themselves throughout identity products however, one of several items constitutes the new dominant element of the identity.

According to him or her, men and women are born thereupon principal personality it can after that be designed of the ecosystem and you will event.

The fresh character variety of a person is born which talks of exactly how a great person reacts to your feel and they experience reciprocally profile exactly how a character is molded.

A person can connect to each of the identity products but based on enneagram institute, it is the prominent identification that is extremely important.

It should be indexed here you to no one character type of try felt a lot better than someone else because of the scientists within enneagram institute.

The advantages of just one personality sort of can be seen while the a great barrier or ideal for anyone according to the private and you may the fresh people they belong to.

Such as, the characteristic of being worry about-centered may help some one located in individualistic neighborhood however, you’ll getting trouble for 1 into the an effective collectivist area.

The basic identification types:

  1. Reformer
  2. Helper
  3. Achiever
  4. Individualistic
  5. Detective
  6. Loyalist
  7. Enthusiast
  8. Challenger
  9. Peacemaker

This new Wings:

Enneagram researcher means that no one individual only has you to definitely natural character alternatively the fresh prominent personality particular is actually dependent on each one otherwise each of its adjoining character models.

It’s important to account for this type of wings likewise to your dominant identification method of because they’re generally known as next edge of an individual’s personality.

Instance, those with identification method of eight could be swayed sometimes of the sweet otherwise seven that are right beside they.

There can be a paradox for the enneagram customs you to definitely often there are a few wings impacting brand new dominating personality variety of private.

Enneagram subtypes:

In addition to qualities off very first identification sorts of as well as wing enneagram and think about the instinctual means out of a human.

They include human intuition to your very first character particular giving rise in order to twenty-seven enneagram subtypes. Enneagram subtypes combine new instinctual need of a person being having psychological demands.

An analogy out-of abdomen and you can enneagram identification can be a platter from eating where in actuality the full bowl of food is an enneagram identity particular, gut will establish hence restaurants could be chosen first or perhaps is thought good by one.

  1. The brand new intellectual cardio: Rational cardiovascular system provides the view, information, and you can languages
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