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The two of them was reduced dropping up against the evil forces

[Ep thirty-five] QingMu and HouChi was suppressing the worst forces you to definitely JingYang let away. QingMu pretends to not end up being hurt anyway with the intention that HouChi actually concerned.

HouChi would go to the fresh new Beautiful Palace and you will asks to help you penalize herself. (Really don’t really know exactly what particular discipline it’s, because there commonly any subtitles, and you will my Chinese isn’t that a great, however, I’m sure that it is extremely most bad) But before she goes to get punished, QIngMu and you can HouChi is actually attending marry.

HouChi initiate healing BoXuan, and you may dreams he rapidly wakes upwards. But QingMu’s eg: I hope you sit resting for more than millennium, no step one,one hundred thousand years, no that isn’t adequate, a hundred,one hundred thousand age. Yes, that’s a fantastic matter.

[Ep thirty-six] Qingmu provides HouChi specific talismans to help the girl in the event the this woman is for the issues, and then he including brings the girl the newest attractive absolutely nothing doggo.

QingMu and HouChi features a married relationship from the mortal realm. JingJian try giving QingMu some tests. The original you’re giving money into mortals. Another try is the fact QingMu must imagine which is largely HouChi. But the guy plays an information and you may pretends that GuJun is originating. The guy now knows that HouChi was at the rear. However, ZiYue arrives and wants to inexpensive HouChi out. HouChi nonetheless determines QingMu. It successfully has a marriage, and you can JingZhao happens, and informs JingJian on what JingYang performed. (I’m happy one she will not irritate the two of them as well much *yet)

[Ep 37] JingJian informs FengRan you to definitely she cannot deserve your… FengRan try disturb as hell and you can heartbroken. They commercially breakup.

HouChi goes toward the brand new Undetectable mountain to finish new worst pushes, and she is meant to remain truth be told there to have millennium. However QingMu’s little report guy can go to the new mountain which have HouChi. ZiYue shows up and movements BaiJue’s Attach lookout towards Invisible Slope, with the intention that HouChi is not lonely.

JingJian concerns the latest QingChi Palace, but spends the fresh justification off seeing QingMu from, even in the event the guy in fact desired to look for FengRan. Then he recalled that they separated, making up several other terrible justification and you may kept. When FengRan heard one JingJian involved QingChi castle, she got super excited, but recalled that they separated, and you can informed the remainder not to help him regarding the QingChi Castle again.

HouChi and you can ZIYue you live a rather chaotic life on their own, as ZiYue ‘s the simply other individual who will get through the fresh new hindrance. HouChi and you may QingMu post emails together via the report child.

FengRan will get a message out of some dude regarding the Phoenix Clan, informing the lady that the mystical person will inform this lady her birth status.

They have a great sappy second, plus blue fireflies and a very a lot of time hug

[Ep 38] JingJian and you may FengRan satisfy QingMu throughout the Phoenix Clan by accident. There is certainly a really strange devilish times here. BoXuan wakes up-and facilitate QingMu protect against the energy. (they look and you will fight alike) Turns out, QingMu’s spiritual foot is through Demon Power. BoXuan merges having QingMu.

JingJian and you will FengRan belong to a taboo area throughout the Phoenix Clan and i also thought FengRan provides something to manage that have FengYan, this new King of the Phoenix Clan you to definitely faked the lady and her gГ¶rГјntГј kaynaДџД± partner’s passing (back when ShangGu and you will BaiJue were still alive)

The BaiJue is back! Shortly after consolidating with her, BaiJue looks far more strong and his awesome clothes turn black colored. But BaiJue just had forty% of his electricity straight back, as it is actually as well sudden, very he or she is nevertheless harm.

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