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The Star now uses unpaid cub reporters and it sent 200 editorial jobs offshore to India to save money

As well I will work with the Canadian underclass to drive Black from our shores

Recently Honderich asked the Globe to distribute the Star for him. The Globe is downsizing and Crawley asked reporters to take 3 months off with no pay. On the other hand the net media is growing by leaps and bounds. Young people are ignoring the conventional media and older folk are finding that the truth is only available on the net. The conventional media has waged an endless war on Global Warming and the climate crisis all paid for by the US oil cartel. By any measure from 35 on down the dangers to the planet are seen as their number one concern. I have been badgering John Honderich for many years and suggesting the way to start turning the Star’s fortunes around was to start telling the truth for a change.

This same advice was given to Godfrey and Crawley but to no avail. Too much money can be made by telling nothing but lies. My feeling is that the Globe and Post will keep pushing Black on us until that moment when they disappear under the waves. Crawley wastes a half a page to-day on Black when Canada is beset by problems, mostly manfactured by Herr Harper. We learn that Conrad will be working on his new book, ” The Unprincipled Man “, and losing weight. NOW TELL ME, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO THE GLOBE, IS IT. Well, if I about. Sometime this day I will go to the loo. As well I will begin to use my blog / followers to force David Johnston, GG, to get his committee to remove their hands from their eyes and take Black’s Order of Canada away from him.

OUR Court system is funded by taxpayer’s dollars. Conrad abuses OUR Courts by using them as his personal weapon. And the conventional media says nothing. In the May Post there was a reprint of SD payday loans a supposed editorial in the NY Sun. Unnamed people sang Blacks praises which bordered on the sickening. Most of the comments were not based on the facts of the case and it was very poorly written. Maybe a Post intern wrote this piece of garbage? If this did appear in the NY Sun I question the competency of the Paper / editor. I think Conrad’s supporter here in Canada who don’t have the balls to come out of the shadows paid for this booster advertising in the Sun that was made to look like a editorial.

Paul Godfrey, enough already. Years ago [ I am 10 years older than Conrad and have live with this spoiled brat’s antics over time ]. Back when himself’s problems began with Hollinger he made a deal with shareholders to put back $ 70 million of the money he stole [ just like his theft of the Dominion Store’s pension ]. Barb encouraged him in this regard. Then Conrad being Conrad [ a sufferer of UPC ] changed his mind. Nobody was going to tell him what to do and as so often happened Black reneged on the deal and he bought himself 3 years in a Florida prison. Like a real swift move. During the twoing and frowing Amiel responed by saying, ” that the little people should know their place “.

I kept Amiel’s comments stuck on my fridge for years

Barb was born to a Jewish family on the wrong side of London England for cripe sakes. She is one of us. BLACKS, what is this little people bullshit. Conrad, by being in Canada stains the reputation of this Country. The world now knows we live in a lawless Nation with an oligarchy run by the elites. Maybe in the dumping of Black, a non citizen we can ditch Herr Harper and his employer, the US oil cartel at the same time. We will return to a society of free speech and the rule of law sooner if you stop supporting CTV, Star, Globe, Post and Sun.

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