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The man in the end is stupid societally

As stated, over the years UPC sufferers by virtue of their irresponsible behaviours did themselves in. I think Conrad is very interesting in this regard. He is a brilliant man with a fatal flaw. Even this latest move to sue the Order of Canada Board shows off his madness. Black is a British criminal visiting Canada. He is wasting the Court resources of the Country without justification just to prove to himself once again that he is above the laws of the Land. Since 1989 when Black chose to support Steve Harper as the perfect American conservative candidate in this Country Conrad’s papers have run interference for the PM. Black was always spinning the news and rounding off Herr Harper’s sharp corners.

Harper would have never gotten to first base if he has been subjected to the normal scrutiny that is demanded by Canadians of their media. Harper, Black , Lady Barb, Byfield and others go back to the founding of the Northern Foundation which was formed for the express purpose of supporting the white supremacist Government of South Africa and ensuring that Nelson Mandella would never be released from prison. Some of the Northern Foundation members belonged to the Heritage Front [ white males only with shaved heads ]. You didn’t know about this of course. And the rest of the media followed suit to keep you in the dark. The conventional media is very malleable. It will twist itself into any shape you wish if you pay it enough money.

Conrad has apparently amassed quite a following, which he see as justifying his criminal / outlandish actions

Black threw cream puffs at Harper and it show the quality of his weak / yellow writers over the years. Possessed of skills not unlike those who write for the phone book. The rest of the conventional media has been drawn into supporting Harper more recently by virtue of US oil cartel money. So now we have a media which operates in an alternate world, separated from us in the real world. In terms of Black’s trial and jailing the Canadian media has continued to lay it on real thick. Himself’s halo will be arriving soon. The coverage of Conrad’s return to Canada has mostly included misinformation, omissions and lies. How could we expect anything less. There have been 35 newspaper articles about Black since he came back to this Country illegally with a free pass from our dictator [ 30 pro / 5 con ].

Yet 75% of Canadians say they don’t want Conrad in this Country. Peter Worthington said in the Sun that the 75% constituted an anti Black cabal. This shows the divide between the media and the people. And shows why Pierre Peladeau will go broke. Pissing on three quarters of the population is not a smart business move. But to Straussians this is no problem, the elites must maintain control over the masses for their own good. In the end the little people will realize the error of their ways and if told things that mimic the truth often enough they will obey. I think some of his so called admirers are just like those who gathered in the Paris City Square to watch the blade drop.

The Black media never let you in on it

His fans are just waiting to see him self destruct. Black did have a nervous breakdown at one time and this is quite common with UPC sufferers. Faced with a major setback like the new NDP Government stripping Black of his Order and deporting him in his Red Robe back to England may just trigger his meltdown. Along the way friends have tried to advise a more conciliatory approach to his problems but Black has always refused. He was / is going to follow his own rules come hell or high water. Eventually the US law and angry shareholders ciel once said to a reporter when the couple encountered choppy waters, ” The little people should know their place “. Very Nietzsche / Reform like.

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