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Once their come back, the guy tries to make up for his tattered relationship with Nico of the thanking him to have seeing Iapetus


Based on Kronos, Percy handed down Poseidon’s «too variable, unpredictable» character. Percy are an extremely type-hearted, brave-competing, pure commander. We tell him he is fearless, such as for instance family unit members, family, visitors, and even gods. They have an equivalent «brooding» search as his dad, and that constantly had your labeled since a break the rules; his mom enjoys an edgy move identical to your. Percy is actually described as his sarcastic, smart love of life, and you can laid-back attitude. His spouse Annabeth states that he’s in reality a little smart, but appears to operate dumb.

Percy is somewhat small-tempered for example features troubles managing his anger, such as for example as he observes intimidation. He is able to getting derisively sarcastic and irritable, particularly when individuals attempts to impact him or pushes your in order to obey. Like other heroes, Percy is really reckless and you can sometimes do otherwise blurt out some thing just before considering, leading to your to view a great amount of trouble. He seems accountable for folks and things hence goes wrong.

Considering Annabeth, Percy was obtuse, definition the guy does not usually see the apparent though it’s in the front of him, instance people’s feelings and you can what they are trying to say ultimately. They have romantic thinking to possess Annabeth during the period of the brand new collection, however, he eventually confirms them over the last Olympian. Not surprisingly he is perceptive when he needs to be, Percy you may give one Gaea planned to continue him alive and you will gambled his lifestyle comprehending that he was as well beneficial to help you Gaea to possess your so you’re able to perish at the time.

Even in the event he’s of many family relations inside the Camp Half-Bloodstream, Percy is known as a beneficial troublemaker in school having a credibility regarding expulsions, like most demigods. Their dyslexia helps make studying and you may understanding tough along with his ADHD renders it tough for him are mindful or even stay nevertheless within the category. He has got not ever been one of many «cool» children from inside the category since he hangs aside that have purportedly «un-cool» some one, such as for example his companion Grover Underwood otherwise their half-cousin Tyson. Possibly due to his bad record at school, Percy seems a powerful amount of passion and you will accessory so you can Camp Half-Bloodstream. In the house from Hades, Hazel claims you to Percy is a child out of Poseidon’s greatest nature: effective, however, soft and you will useful, an individual who create publication ships safely toward shore rather than destroy him or her.

After bringing his memories taken by the Hera, life for the streets and you can assaulting monsters, Percy has continued to develop an excellent «wolf look» one to says «Regardless of how bad do you consider you’re, I’m even worse,» which allows him so you’re able to frighten out of some body such as gangsters. He could be not scared of anything on the mortal business any longer, and gangs. The guy notes it is most likely Lupa’s impact on him, when he existed along with her prepare to own months. Despite becoming very positive about his personal abilities, Hazel Levesque is feel there was a peaceful sadness inside Percy like Jason, such as he watched his future and you will understood this option date the guy do face a monster he wouldn’t beat.

9 in the 9 Planets

During Tartarus in the home away from Hades, Percy is starting to show a deep and much more hazardous top away from himself within his webpage personality. The guy starts to matter themselves in the their morality, incase they are extremely a character or perhaps not. He secret concerning people he previously prior to now given indifference: Bob, Calypso, and Nico di Angelo. When you find yourself having difficulties Akhlys, Percy taps for the his anger and you can control poison in order to overwhelm Akhlys-to the level in which actually Annabeth was scared out-of him. He had been been shown to be more prone to violence when he vows so you can destroy Gaea and you may avenge Bob and you can Damasen, something doesn’t apparently decrease towards the end of the guide.

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