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In both instances, a 2nd guy came out trying to intimidate us into buying

My sister-in-law’s husband looked through the RCI book and mentioned how the places in the towns he normally stays at were blocks away from where he normally stays & Hud got angry & said, “You’re going to argue over a few blocks?” Yes, location does matter when local hookup app Whitehorse you are used to certain conveniences that you already paid for. While listening to the pitch, I was in my phone Googling prices to certain places listed on their lists & found I could get them cheaper on my own.

Had a lovely time in Vegas

.. at 17.5% interest! When we both refused, we were both hit up by a 3rd guy who was so nasty & told us how ridiculous it was that we wanted to talk about this outside of the roo m… It was make the decision now or kiss the offer goodbye (Who in their right mind would buy into this?). Several hours later we met a couple in Downtown Disney who were in line for dinner behind us. We came to find out that they bought into HGV last year and still couldn’t use it and they tried selling and were offered 1/3 of the price they paid last year. The husband said he has been through the wringer with the people from HGV & has gotten nowhere.

We are thanking our lucky stars we saw through their gimmick & my sister-in-law said thanks to HUD, he just proved how much better the DVC really is! None of us will ever stay at a Hilton again. Oh, as far as the horrible hotel they put us in, they laughed about it. These sales guys are the pond scum of our society. Talk to an investment adviser – you can invest very little money & earn more for many years of vacations to come!

Got a call about a timeshare package, said no. But we’ll throw in a free dinner, no. But we’ll throw in a free show, no. You’ll get up to $100 off your next stay at a Hilton, no. Just sit through the 2-hour presentation, stay at Trump International, blah, blah, blah, etc. I thought, you know, been to Vegas about 10 yrs ago, haven’t seen the Hoover Dam, why not? Okay, book us. We left on Monday, 4-28. Got to the hotel. Very friendly front staff, very helpful. Talked to the package coordinator, very pleasant and helpful. Go to the room. Very nice room. It was a studio: bed, pull-out couch, chairs, desk, sink, stove, micro, mini fridge, closets, dishes, utensils, pans, huge bathroom with private shower, private commode, double sinks and large jetted soaker tub. 6 small bottles of water, complimentary, nice. A roll of toilet paper in the tissue holder did not impress me, neither did the fridge that wouldn’t close (had to wiggle the door), nor the door to the room that had to be pushed closed otherwise it would not latch.

Stay away – all lies – they just take your money & laugh all the way to the bank

One day, we forgot to pull it tight and the door was ajar the whole day while we were out. Hilton has a major ownership in the Trump and wants to manage it. Well good for them. Because we were only staying 3 nights, we were told at check-in that there would be no maid service. Okay, no big deal. Saw the Hoover Dam. Went to the 2-hour presentation. Sat with Michael ** (won’t give his whole name) . Very fast talker. His first question was what I thought timeshares were all about. I explained and they said that was the “old” time share concept, but Hilton has a “new” concept. It’s all about options. He asked how I vacationed. I explained that I take 1 cruise per year and take 1 tour of a country per year. I do not stay in 1 hotel for more that 2 nights. I like to travel around and see the country, NOT stay in one place and do days trips around the area.

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