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Bell and you will Hermes once had an informal relationship, which have Bell carrying a good amount of rely upon your

Hermes came to Bell’s recommendations when he are swept up about dungeon, helped provide Bell a chance to dance having Ais, and you may offered your and Mikoto suggestions about how exactly to 100 % free Haruhime out-of their life because the an excellent prostitute. Bell also noted one to Hermes is actually an informed oral tactician the guy had ever fulfilled.

Although not, their matchmaking turned into strained after the Xenos incident on top. Protecting Wiene from other adventurers brought about Bell’s character plummet. Worrying for Bell and you will convinced that coexisting which have beasts are junk, Hermes create a propose to pitfall new Xenos into the good dead-end canal, having your by yourself knowing the cure for the brand new cell. In exchange for you to advice, he requested one a number of the beasts rampage on top making sure that Bell you may kill him or her and also their character restored.

A short while later, Hermes told Bell the cause of his measures. Bell couldn’t decide if the guy disliked the fresh new Goodness on account of their assist in during the last, but Bell could not forgive your both. Hermes got they in the stride and you can said however continue steadily to interfere in the existence, informing Bell which he is his enthusiast.

Bell’s used pops and his simply loved ones whenever you are expanding up. Zeus nurtured Bell’s desire to one day travel to Orario and you may feel a champion, plus his wish for a spin find that have a girl. If in case Bell is actually being unsure of of himself otherwise what direction to go, he believes returning to a bit of advice Zeus immediately after told him otherwise would consider exactly what he’d state now in the event that he were there, giving Bell the fresh eliminate and you will strength to move pass.

As of yet, Bell doesn’t know that his daddy continues to be live, neither really does the guy be aware that he or she is indeed a goodness.

Wiene [ ]

Wiene is the earliest Xenos you to definitely Bell befriended and that he’s closest so you’re able to. On its very first come across, Bell is stunned through to this lady far more peoples looks therefore the truth she was not appearing behavior normal regarding a monster. The guy made an effort to pretend he did not select this lady initially, but afterwards saved this lady as he saw you to also almost every other monsters attacked the lady. Immediately after finding that she you certainly will talk and you will smile identical to people, the guy chose to include their.

Bell cares much getting Wiene, knowledge the lady reasons for the outside world, treating the girl softly, and managed to have fun with Argonaut when you’re moving towards first big date due to the fact she was at issues. Whenever Bell and also the other countries in the Hestia Familia were assigned having bringing Wiene to the Xenos invisible town, he was saddened which he was required to log off the lady trailing, promising the woman that they do discover one another once again.

Bell adored Zeus dearly, and then he is actually filled with an intense sense of loneliness on hearing out-of their going death

Whenever Lyd told your that Wiene was caught by the seekers, he turned daddyhunt nedir into calculated to aid get a hold of this lady, despite the Lizardman’s arguments. When the lady Vouivre’s Split are ripped out and you will she continued an excellent rampage at first glance, Bell protected this lady off their adventurers, although it caused his character to help you plummet. When Wiene’s miracle brick are damaged, she told Bell you to she is actually delighted he was indeed there in order to rescue this lady which she liked your prior to turning to ash. Bell try heartbroken and was about in order to scream call at grief or even on her resurrection from the Fels.

Despite their profile within the shambles, Bell still planned to assist Wiene while the other Xenos you to definitely was basically swept up on the surface make their way back to your cell. Bell actually conducted Ais to protect her, seriously looking to convince brand new Blade Princess one Wiene wasn’t like many creatures. Ahead of separating ways, Bell promised this lady he will make a scene where they you will live along with her, having fun with an effective pinkie vow at the Haruhime’s suggestion.

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