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A few weeks ago I seen my neighbors have a collection of old wood louvered bi-fold doorways seated by their own storage.

I asked what they happened to be doing with these people and discovered these people were going to the dump. One individual’s trash is yet another person’s prize and I got pleased to take all of them off their particular arms.

When Mr. Frugalista came home the guy questioned precisely why the heck you’ll find a number of bi-fold doors inside our yard. To which we responded just how happy we were to hit the jackpot because we’re going to create a phenomenal Do-it-yourself yard screen with repurposed louvered doors.

Doing It Yourself Confidentiality Fence With Repurposed Bi-Fold Gates

While we’re creating ours as a garden screen, this idea would also act as an outdoor wall OR a privacy wall surface on a patio. According to way for the louvered slats, you’ll be able to read but the neighbors cannot see when!

We now have a segmet of our backyard designated for stacked firewood in regards to our garden firepit, further lumber people «future tasks», and extra rubbish containers for grounds debris. It offers a direct sightline from your deck.

Regardless of what a great deal I keep it neat and organized, they however looks like a rubbish heap. So I figured the bi-fold doorways might be great to build a 6-foot large monitor to full cover up that unattractive mess.

Pictured listed here are the salvaged solid wood louvered doorways from your neighbors. It gives you myself big pride knowing we rescued them from winding up from inside the dump by providing all of them a useful factor.

Before we become to the nitty-gritty of steps to make the salvaged bi-fold door fence, most of the Do It Yourself projects discussed only at Internal Frugalista posses step by step lessons consider get your funds DIY on and subscribe. You may adhere all of us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

I will discuss that individuals become self-taught DIYers and not taught gurus. This step by step information is founded on all of our strengthening facts just. But in case you are a do-it-yourselfer like united states, you’ll find these methods invaluable if you are planning on producing a version of your confidentiality barrier.

Everythingwill need To Really Make It

  1. Post Opening Auger (rented)
  2. Louvered Bifold doors (salvaged)
  3. Cedar Fence stuff (or force addressed) 4 x 4 x 9′.
  4. Cedar (or addressed) 1 x 6 x 6′ Fence panels
  5. Fast Environment Cement Combine
  6. Level
  7. 4″ Galvanized Lumber Screws

Listed Here Is The Way We Did It

Primary Action

Initial order of business was acquiring that part of our property flagged for utility lines. At the same time, we got rid of the relies upon each group of doors to split up all of them.

Blog Post Gaps

Once we had gotten the all-clear from our power providers, we rented a blog post gap auger and have hectic looking 3-foot deep gaps every 6-feet for our fence content. Following barrier posts had been fallen in and leveled, we utilized an instant setting cement to cement them in.

Paint Salvaged Doorways

Unlike what we should performed, it’s a wise decision to paint the louvered doors before setting up. Brushing the louvered slats try a pain in the throat. A paint sprayer is so much quicker and much easier but ensure you use outside paint for a long-lasting finish. We made use of Behr Exterior advanced positive Paint And Primer in one single for the shade Sage wash green.

Expose Or Conceal The Doorway Knobs?

If the doorknobs getting experiencing in to the yard or hidden behind the barrier? The selection are your own website but bear in mind listed here tip.


Understand the confidentiality component of the louvered slats. Facing closer, whenever angled to the right you will find through barrier however your next-door neighbors are unable to read in. When angled left you simply can’t read behind the barrier however your next-door neighbors is able to see in.

Because ours try a yard display screen, privacy is certainly not something. Mr. Frugalista could not realize why when it comes down to lifetime of myself I would desire the doorknobs apparent from backyard. We, in contrast, contended they added a decorative aspect and provided the barrier personality. Clearly through the photograph below, I obtained!

Imagine If The Louvered Gates Are Very Different Widths?

Whether your bi-fold closet doors differ widths like ours, put the largest doorways at the top and bottom and the narrowest in the centre (pictured above).

Area the bi-fold gates evenly and place them behind the fence articles like pictured under. Before affixing all of them search to make certain they truly are degree. Simply attach all of them into the stuff with 4-inch galvanized wood screws.

Repeat the tips above for the continuing to be barrier areas.

Attaching Barrier Boards

Like the manner in which you affixed the doors through the straight back regarding the fence blogs, attach the 1″ x 6″ wall boards between each bi-fold door.

We had to obtain imaginative within the last part of the backyard display screen because we best have two wide bi-fold doorways left. Instead of limited louvered doorway, we loaded the area with two cedar barrier panels butted around each other.

The third element of the garden monitor is found on a sloped part of our lawn. However developed at 6-feet large, this section of the barrier is actually walked down consequently. That kept a big space below the bottom louvered home therefore we extra a 3rd cedar barrier panel to full cover up the trash stack.

Even though the arrangement of your section varies, thus is the position, that makes it much less apparent from our patio.

We could have remaining the cedar barrier boards and articles alone and let them grey in time. Alternatively, we decided to clean these with Behr semi-transparent stain in shade Natural Cedar.

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